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Coffee Table Search
January 16, 2013

I’m pretty excited about the progress going on behind the scenes in my living room A few long awaited projects are finally coming together that will really fill in my vision for this space.

I usually put together inspiration boards to guide my thoughts during the design process.  Here’s the one for my living room:


I’ve already installed a lot of the elements, but one thing that I couldn’t quite pin down was what kind of coffee table I wanted.

Our current coffee table goes back to 2005, when it was in my first house that I shared with my sister.  It’s been with me through 3 moves since I got married in 2007, and it’s still holding up just fine.  But, it’s really not what I have in mind for our living room.


Last year, I had planned to give it a coat of mustard-colored paint, and pass it down to Little A’s to use as a play table. I thought it would be great with the chairs that we bought her.  But, the chairs ended up being too tall for her to use with the table.

So, since we didn’t have a suitable alternative for the coffee table yet, and we prefer to wait and find furniture that we love instead of buying temporary pieces, we just kept using the one that what we had.

In the inspiration board, I included some wooden table options with storage, since that was similar to what we already had.  But, a few months ago, I started the coffee table search again and I came up with some different ideas. 

Here are some of my favorites so that you can see how the design process can evolve and choices can change to fit your needs.

My first round of searching focused on clear acrylic tables like these.


Items from here and here

They have a really cool modern-meets-retro vibe and since they are clear, they don’t take up any visual space, which makes your room look bigger.  But, after doing a little research, I found out that the acrylic can get scratched up pretty easily.  With 2 kids under 3 years old in our house, this was clearly not the way to go (ha, see what I just did there…). ;-)

One of my goals for the living room was to bring more gold or brass accents into the room.  I actually made this decision last year, but it turns out that gold is one of the hot home design trends for 2013.

So I started looking at gold tables like these.


Items from here, here, and here

I REALLY loved the look. But again, glass = not kid friendly.  Back in the day it might have been cool for people to have formal living rooms that only got used on special occasions and that the kids weren’t allowed in.  But, that’s not the way that homes are used today.  Since we hang out in the living room a lot, I want my girls to be able to spread out their crayons and paper or play tea party on this table, and it doesn’t make sense to buy a piece of furniture that will have you stressed out every time someone attempts to use it.

I was starting to consider painting our wood table white and gold to mimic the look of this table that I liked while the search continued.  But, this past Tuesday, I came across this table online.


This table was pretty much perfect.  It had the gold legs that I wanted with a strong surface on top.  But, did you see that price?!  Not going to happen.  I tried to finding something similar that was more affordable, but no dice.  I did find some fabulous looking tables, though.


Items from here, here, and here

So after looking at this last batch of tables, my wheels started turning. After googling around a bit, I think I’ve figured out a way to make my own version of the table for way less money. I’m close to finalizing my plans and hope to share them with you really soon!

Your turn:  Have you ever built a piece of furniture before?  Share pictures or tips in the comments section.

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