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The New Guest Room
May 9, 2012

This is the last of three posts describing the guest room makeover that we started back in September 2010. Read parts one and two.

Here’s the guest room before: 

And here’s the guest room after:

I like that the overall effect is simple but sophisticated. I kept the original lamp, nightstand and bookcase that were in the room. I practicallly STALKED the painting over the bed for a few months before snapping it up for a steal at a store closing sale.

I’ve never been to Paris, but I love the idea of the millions of anonymous lovers that have strolled past the Eiffel tower over time.

This mirror is a Target find that was $50 when I first saw it. I loved the classic look and I also really liked that it echoes the arched windows from my inspiration picture. What I didn’t love was that price.

After a couple months of stalking I was stoked to find the mirror on clearance for 50% off, which made me very happy because everyone knows that I love a good sale.

Here is the other side of the room. 

The curtain rod is from Ross and the glass vase is from Marshall’s.  The curtains (and headboard) are Ikea hacks that I talk about in more detail in this post.  Underneath some artwork that I picked up on clearance at a local boutique that was closing one of its locations, I added an inexpensive little hook from Hobby Lobby for guests to hang their coats/purses.

My goal for the guest room was to create an eclectic “world-traveler” vibe.  Here are my inspiration pictures and the mock up that I created to help me in the design process:

      Photos from here and here

It took a while to pull together, but I was really happy with how the room turned out. 

However, if there is one thing I always find when designing my home, it’s that no room is ever truly “finished”.   Over time my personal style and my needs change, and a room can slowly evolve into different versions of itself.   Our guest room is no different, and it has undergone a few changes since the original unveiling in October 2011. Here’s how it looks now:

Photo Credit

I changed out the smaller throw pillows on the bed for these bold red and white pillows that I got on clearance at West Elm.  The pillows are actually meant for outdoor use, but they work really well in this space.

During our living room cleanup that was a result of our recent laundry room makeover, I was finally forced to unpack and put together this black leather and cherry wood bench that I originally purchased back in November 2010 {blushing}  to provide a spot for seating and suitcase storage in the room.  It also holds the pillows that used to be on the bed and a few guest towels.

I also tweaked a few other things in the room. 

In the corner with the coat hook, I moved out the over-sized glass vase and the bookshelf (which both now live in the master bedroom), and I added this cheeky little print that I found on the internet that adds a splash of color to the corner.  It also reminds me of my partially British upbringing.  I put the picture in a black wooden picture frame that I already had so it would mimic the color of the Eiffel Tower picture over the bed and the mirror. I think the black frame looks a lot better than the mostly white picture that was previously in that space.

The crown artwork that used to be in that spot has now moved to the wall between the closet and the bedroom door on the other side of the room.  For now, it fills in the space above the Pier 1 table and our old school TV :). 

Back on the other side of the bed, I added some décor to the corner nightstand in the form of this industrial “C” on a pedestal that I got on sale at Anthropologie. 

The white vase and the faux flower are from Ikea, and the glass box is something that I found at my newest favorite home décor store.  I didn’t really know what I would use it for, but I fell in love with it.  It ended up being the perfect spot to store a few toiletries for overnight guests, since the hall bathroom also pulls double-duty as Little A’s bathroom.

Here are a few more shots of the room:

       door hanger “borrowed” on a visit to a local boutique hotel :).

So, what do you think of the makeover? I still have a few more plans for this room, but for now, I really love the way it looks.


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