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DIY Flower Pins
March 14, 2012

I’m taking part in my first Pinterest Challenge!

My little one’s 2nd birthday is coming up this weekend.  Once I decided that the party colors would be yellow and grey, I quickly set up a Pinterest board and scoured the internet for inspiration.

For her 1st birthday party, we went all out and rented a venue and invited a ton of friends and family, but this time around we opted for something smaller that we could have at our house.  Compared to the 30 or so kids from last year, there will only be 6 little girls around her same age coming to the party. 

With the small number of kiddos, I decided that I would make hand-made party favors for each of them.  I found the perfect party favor on Elizabeth’s fabulous blog.

    image from here

I promptly pinned the step by step tutorial to my Pinterest account and took a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics where I found all of my materials.  You can use any fabric for the flowers, but, I decided to use the same material (yellow felt) described in the tutorial.  Elizabeth even includes a traceable template for the flower petals and base that you can cut out and use. 

     image from here

The instructions say to use a pen or marker to trace the petal outline, but I found it easier to get flower edges with no ink marks by making a dotted line around the template instead of a solid line.

After making the first flower all the way through just to get an idea of the process, I started an assembly line for the rest by tracing and cutting out all of my petals first and then assembling all the flowers.  It was pretty easy and I found that sticking to the size of provided template really helped create a perfectly sized flower.  I experimented with 6 or 7 petals, but liked the look of 6 the best.  In all, it probably took about 2 hours while we watched an episode of The Voice (love that show).

I bought half a yard of fabric which was more than enough to make the 7 flowers with some fabric left over.

My plan was to attach the flower pins to a goodie bag for the party guests with a little gift inside.  To tie in with the party color scheme, I used silver gift tissue paper to dress up the white bag.

Here it is all ready for the party!

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